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FridayNITE 22 February

FridayNITE is a weekly stage for experimental art at Bloemstraat 38 in Groningen. By Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni. Open every Friday evening from 18:30.

Every Friday. FridayNITE. A weekly stage for experimental art at Bloemstraat 38.

• Music by Petronn Sphene • Music by Slaylor Moon • Movies by Marwan Elgamal •

• Marwan Elgamal •
2 very, very, very, very otherworldly animation movies. Have you ever seen something like this before? Live Skype connection with the man himself and an introduction by Vanessa. Great.

• Petronn Sphene •
No wave rave music. Solo project from Urocerus Gigas, guitarist from Guttersnipe. Punk electronics. Live.

• Slaylor Moon •
Noise and experimental focused queer spooky abstraction music. Or something like that. Guitar, voice and more. Dreams.

Doors open 18:30
Friet & Sla 19:00
Movies 19:30
Music 20:30

Tickets are 5 euros. PIN only.

FridayNITE is a weekly stage for experimental art at Theater de Machinefabriek in Groningen. By Club Guy & Roni + Noord Nederlands Toneel. Open every Friday evening.


Vacature (Interim) Hoofd Techniek

06 02 2019
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Geef je op voor de digitale nieuwsbrief. Iedere andere maand een update over de thema's waar we op dat moment mee bezig zijn.